Utah Nurse Aide Classes

Have you always wanted to become a CNA? We have a great option!

2 days to become a TNA!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a Temporary Nurse Aide (TNA) course that allows you to get started working quickly and obtain your CNA certification while you work with us! This course is two days: day 1 is knowledge – concluding with a test that you have to pass to move on to the second day; day 2 covers skills for hands on training.

Upon successful completion of the TNA class, as well as meeting all other hiring requirements, you’ll begin work at our facility on the third day! After you complete your on-the-job training, you can participate in our TNA to CNA class that will prepare you to take the state CNA certification exam. We cover the tuition for the class, and following successful completion, we’ll pay for your state exam.

To be eligible to take our class, you must be 18 years or older. These courses are intended for you to be hired by an Avalon affiliated facility. Additional information will be provided to you upon enrollment in the class and upon hire. To be employed by Avalon Health Care Group, you must also pass a drug test, federal background check, TB Test, and references check.

Employment with Avalon Health Care is at-will.



• No classes are scheduled at this time.


1. What is this job?

Either our CNA or TNA class will prepare you to provide resident care at our facilities, that could include helping residents with bathing, dressing, feeding, restorative care, and more. The exact roles and responsibilities will be determined by the facility.

2. Is any experience necessary?

No prior health care experience is necessary. This is a rewarding, entry-level opportunity for anyone who is looking to make ends meet and/or wants to support our seniors and individuals with disabilities during this crisis and serve shoulder-to-shoulder with our health care worker heroes.

3. Do I have to pay to take the course?

No. The course is free.

4. If I take the test and do not score 80% or higher, can I take it again?

Yes, you may take the test up to two times. If you do not pass the test after the second attempt, you will be asked to study on your own by reviewing course materials before re-enrolling in class.

5. If I want to keep working in long term care, what might I do after this temporary job?

We have a TNA to CNA course that you can do while working with us as TNA. To get into this course you must first complete any applicable on-the-job training and be approved by your facility. We will then enroll you in the next TNA to CNA course. Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to take the state CNA certification exam.