Hospice & Home Health

At Avalon we honor our core principles in providing holistic end-of-life care. We impart compassion and comfort, while preserving dignity and individuality. We further understand the many, complex priorities involved in this stage of life. Through our relationships with hospice providers, we treat the whole person, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual. Care professionals work in conjunction with family members to create a care program tailored to meet the unique needs of each person.

Home Health
Elderly Americans constitute a large and growing segment of our communities. Unfortunately, their loved ones often lack the training and resources necessary to provide them with the care they need. Although institutional care is available, it is not always the right answer from the perspective of cost or personal preference. Many seniors prefer the freedom and flexibility of home and community-based services. Moreover, quality services provided at the home and community level are typically less costly than full institutional care.

At Avalon Health Care, we offer an effective solution through our Home and Community-Based Care Programs. Our services are designed to meet the changing needs of seniors and their families. Avalon’s skilled professionals will develop personalized plans for them that integrate the outside resources they need with the support networks available from home and family. This integrated approach allows us to identify the right services to help each individual live as independently as possible. We then find the best way to supply those services within the home environment, using a combination of services provided by family and outside resources.