Randy Kirton


Charles R. Kirton co-founded Avalon Health Care, Inc. in 1989. He serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Avalon Health Care and is its majority shareholder. He drives the company’s risk analysis and strategic planning. With more than 30 years of experience, his vision and expertise successfully balances the care and corporate responsibilities of this rapidly growing company. He understands the necessity of individualized, community driven care, and is committed to containing regional growth in order to provide the best practice standard of care in the industry. Mr. Kirton has grown Avalon Health Care Group to over 6,000 employees at 79 locations which includes 39 skilled nursing facilities in 5 different states, a therapy company, and hospice in 8 states. Over the last 30 years, he has also partnered with institutional pharmacies and home health companies, giving the company capability and expertise in serving the continuum of care.

He has studied China’s need for senior care, which is an outgrowth of China’s one-child rule. Over the last ten years, he has met with and counseled Chinese government and private entrepreneurs regarding best international practice for the post-acute continuum of care and how it might be adjusted to the Chinese culture.

Mr. Kirton began his career in health care services in 1981 when he identified the need for improved care facilities in his own community. He co-founded Avalon Health Care’s predecessor company, which operated a nursing home and home health agency, serving as its President and Chief Executive Officer. In 1988, he expanded the company’s scope of services and facilities, growing into the present company, Avalon Health Care, Inc.

Prior to his involvement in post-acute health care, Mr. Kirton served as President of The Kirton Company, a real estate development company. He was responsible for the development of more than a thousand residential building lots and more than twenty different developments.

In addition to Chairman of the Avalon Board of Directors, Mr. Kirton has been a member of the State of Utah’s Community Services Planning Committee, the Gerontology Center Planning Project, and served on the Utah Governor’s Task Force on Long-Term Care.

Mr. Kirton has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of Utah. He is married with six children and 19 grandchildren.