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NORTH CANYON CARE CENTER: Where the patient is the center of care, not just a patient in our care center. The nurses’ station is in the heart of the building, allowing for a hub where communication can flow readily to build an individualized plan for care. North Canyon is most easily identified by our elk at the entrance, representing the ideals of companionship and group support. “You do not have to do everything alone, help is out there waiting.”

Committed To Quality

North Canyon offers more than just 24-hour nursing care, we cater to both the physical and emotional health of our residents and patients. Our care teams work together to create personalized treatment plans to help patients through their care journey. We strive to provide industry-leading outcomes through coordination of all aspects of your care.

Dialysis on-site provided by DaVita

As part of our commitment to provide our residents with the best care and quality of life, we now offer DaVita dialysis at our facility. This means residents on dialysis can dialyze conveniently and comfortably—with no more trips to a dialysis center.

By removing the need to travel to treatment, residents may experience reduced stress and benefit from smoother care coordination between our care team, your nephrologist and your onsite DaVita care team. Additionally, you receive safe, high-quality therapy from a dialysis leader with 20 years’ experience and established and proven clinical procedures. All of this may ultimately lead to a better quality of life for you.

The Avalon interdisciplinary team works together with Anthem Dialysis to create a plan of care with the goal of achieving the best outcomes possible.

Nephrologist: Oversees the plan of care of the End Stage Renal Disease patient and his or her dialysis treatments.

Licensed Nurse: Carries out the treatment plan and also trains the dialysis technicians to assist with providing patient care. As the patients are being dialyzed, they will be supervised by a licensed nurse and dialysis technician.

Social Worker: Oversees the psychosocial part of the plan of care. Social workers assist with many difficulties that dialysis patients encounter when living with a chronic illness.

Registered Dietitian: Educates the patient on proper diets that are suitable for one living with End Stage Renal Disease.

On-Site home hemodialysis provided by Anthem Dialysis enables individualized treatment options, including more frequent hemodialysis when medically justified. The benefits of more frequent hemodialysis are widely recognized. The slower filtration rates used in more frequent hemodialysis provide a gentler treatment and are associated with lower mortality rates and reduced cardiovascular-related hospitalizations.

When receiving home hemodialysis treatments at our care community, the dialysis patient may show a shorter recovery, increased energy, and better overall health. This helps the patient maintain his or her rehabilitation, medication, meal, and activity schedules. More frequent dialysis therapy has shown to have more positive outcomes such as: lower mortality rates, fewer cardiac-related hospitalizations, improved recovery time (1 hour vs. 8 hours), less cardiac stunning, and a greater appetite, to name a few.

Additional Points of Excellence

  • • Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • • Long-Term Care
  • • Restorative Care Services
  • • Certified Wound Care Services
  • • Orthopedic Care
  • • Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
  • • Medication Management
  • • Diabetic Management
  • • IV Services
  • • Pain Management Care
  • • COPD Care
  • • Physical and Occupational Therapies
  • • Speech Language Pathology Services

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