Hyrum Kirton

Hyrum Kirton has served as a Board Director of Avalon Health Care, Inc. since 2017. He currently holds the position of CEO of Bristol Hospice, a company that is designed to promote quality and comprehensive hospice and palliative care services to patients, families and communities. 

Mr. Kirton has been instrumental to the growth of Avalon Health Care Inc. over the last decade, having held internal officer positions from 2007 – 2017. In his last position with Avalon, Hyrum provided leadership as the CEO of Brighton Rehabilitation Healthcare Services and Vice President of Procurement. While in this position, he formed a joint venture newco pharmacy and built it to a $35M revenue which was later sold. His skill at negotiation and ability to assemble teams to implement business strategy ensured vibrant and successful business partnerships within all aspects of Avalon’s elderly health care focused operations. He improved the lives of countless patients as he streamlined business processes and implemented programs which made Avalon more efficient in administering care. As VP Procurement at Avalon, Hyrum designed and implemented electronic processes to automate purchases and he negotiated over $10M in savings with various vendors. 

Hyrum holds a Masters of Business Administration, Health Care Management from Western Governors University and a Bachelor’s of Science, Information Technology Management. He is married and has four children and currently lives in Salt Lake City.