Fred Shepherd

Fred Shepherd is the Chief Information Officer and head of Information Technology (IT) for Avalon Health Care Group.  His experience in healthcare started as a Director of IT at Avalon, supporting daily operations and technical leadership for the company. As the head of IT, his duties include the strategic direction to provide higher quality of service for Avalon’s internal and external clients while reducing expenses to position Avalon as a leader in the industry. Responsibilities also include overseeing all aspects of technology solutions within the company while posturing for growth. He works closely with each business vertical to align technology needs with their expectations.

Mr. Shepherd’s experience includes multiple positions of management and directorship in other companies. He is an experienced IT professional who has worked in banking, entertainment, manufacturing, customer service and now healthcare.

In addition to his professional experience, Fred has a strong educational background. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management from American Intercontinental University. He is currently completing his Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information Assurance from Southern Utah University.