Corporate Information

Avalon Health Care Group is a closely-held diversified post-acute healthcare services provider that offers skilled nursing, therapy, senior living/assisted living and other medical services through our owned, operated, or managed facilities. We are primarily located in the Western United States and currently provide care to patients and residents in the states of Hawaii, California, Washington, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon.

We provide our services primarily through wholly-owned subsidiaries that focus on community-based care needs and that have local leadership and employ local healthcare professionals. Through our subsidiaries, we currently employ more than 7,000 employees who provide care to more than 4,100 patients/residents on a daily basis in our own facilities and an additional 2,750 patients/residents through external contract relationships.

We provide a full continuum of healthcare services for patients and residents who are not sick enough to be in an acute care hospital, but who cannot be properly cared for at home.  In addition to 24-hour nursing services, we have innovative programs that focus on patients and residents who have memory issues, who need rehabilitation, who have had strokes, who have wounds, or who are at the end stages of their lives.  We have a special relationship with the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs and are proud to be the sole manager of all of their skilled nursing facilities in Utah.

Our care legacy is based on personal integrity and commitment to provide compassionate, responsible, quality services to the patients and residents we serve. We strive to provide industry-leading care in a patient-centered environment and to live up to our commitment to embrace a reverence for life and a heart for healing.

Board Committees

Audit and Finance
Anne Stuart (Chair), Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Board Director
Randy Kirton, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Bob Woltil, Board Director
Carl Tippets, Board Director
David Dangerfield, Board Director
Billy DiSera, Vice President / Controller
David Giles, Director of Treasury Management

David Dangerfield, Board Director
Brian Swinton, Board Director
Dr. Sabine Von Preyss, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Byron Kirton, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Pam Hansen, Vice President of Human Resources
Debra Pierce, Chief Compliance Officer

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